“Unleash students potential while participating in sustainable tourism and community development.”

What is SSIV?

For over three years, Saturday School has partnered with local schools, communities, public and private sectors and government agencies. In order to create a greater impact on Thai education, Saturday School is now reaching beyond Thailand to provide an opportunity for international volunteers to apply for and participate in this movement of change, as we launch a new initiative, “Saturday School International Volunteer (SSIV)”

Let's Contribute to Thai Education

In the first part, volunteers will be conducting classes for underprivileged children across Bangkok. You will be supervised by Saturday School core team members to ensure that participants acquire adequate training and sufficient information in contributing to a classroom for students. The program will create learning opportunities for both volunteers and students, allowing for dynamic relational opportunities, culture and knowledge exchange, as well as increasing foreign language competency and self-confidence in the children.

Local Experience thorough Responsible Tourism

In the second part, volunteers will be traveling across Bangkok and surrounding cities for engagement in ecotourism, and will be taking part in activities hosted in rural and urban settings. Our travel program will provide volunteers with a unique experience, allowing them to see different perspectives of Bangkok. We will explore old town on Rattanakosin Island, visit historical sites in Ayutthaya, and take a scenic trip along the coastline of Bang Khun Thian district, Bangkok.

"Let's make your traveling full of precious memories!"

“I am inspired by the work that this team does and it is amazing to see people wanting to encourage foreigners to come to Thailand to understand its culture by volunteering. I think this is a great way for a cultural exchange and can bring so much positive change to the volunteers, the SSIV staff, and the children.”
Irene Chang
Office Administrator
“I was able to grasp essentials how to improve underprivileged kid’s educational environment and general life quality. It gives you a platform you can create anything you like such as, lesson plan, learning process, management of multicultural team. The bonds you have established with people during these few weeks will evolve into strong friendships.”
Jevgenijus Soikinas

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